In every life, there are seminal moments when whatever road you have been on turns off to a road you not only have never known, but you never knew could even exist.  One unavoidable result of cancer treatment is that the powerful medications you will be taking will create a daily life of ever changing moods and emotions.  One minute you are calm and composed, the next you are agitated and irritable. You learn firsthand that when you wake up each morning, you can never be sure what the day will bring and no two days will be the same.  This will be a profound change from your pre-cancer life when you were able to plan and control each part of your day. 

As hard as cancer treatment is - physically, spiritually and emotionally - it is important to find balance and harmony in how you accept the challenges that you have to face. Instead of fighting these changes, take all of the energy you would have spent on stress and anxiety and channel it into motivation and inspiration.  Let love in every form you can feel or imagine guide you through the uncertainties of each day.  Never forget that no matter how difficult one day may be, the sun will rise in the morning of a new tomorrow filled with its own hope and promise.