No matter what course of treatment you undergo, you will lose some control over your life.  Decisions that you used to make for yourself will now be made by others, including your medical team and your caregiver. A stark reality will set in that you are no longer the sole captain of your own ship.

When this happens, remind yourself that the treatment that you are receiving is a stepping stone to your recovery and rebirth.  There will be no quick fix or shortcut. The road to your recovery will not come overnight, but will be a journey of small steps forward, setbacks and perseverance in the face of adversity.  At times it will seem as if recovery is light years away.  But every day will bring you one day closer to that destination. 

Through whatever means you choose, visualize your treatment as coming to the support of your weakened immune system to confront and overcome the cancer. Imagine the tumors inside of you shrinking in the face of your treatment and the force of your soul.  Come up with some phrase that inspires you and repeat it often. For me, it was, “it’s not my time.”  

In addition, don’t just show up at your cancer center for treatment in a negative state of mind or thinking about all the other things you would rather be doing.  Have a plan for how you are going to spend that time in a positive way that relaxes and comforts you.  I always created a special playlist of music that I listened to with headphones.  Chemo and song – my personal cocktail for the cancer blues.  When I walked out of the center, I felt better and more energized than when I had arrived.