At some point, we all begin to feel as if we are a burden to those around us.  These feelings are reinforced by the time and energy that other people expend just to help us make it through each day.  No matter what you are going through, never lose track of how much you mean to everyone who is caring for you and believes in you.  They do not see you as a burden, but rather as a treasure to protect and cherish.  They genuinely want to help you, so let them do that.  Ask for help whenever you need it.  Accept the kindness of others whenever it is offered.  It is a win-win situation.  You feel the warmth of their compassion and affection, and the people who care about you will actually feel better by helping you instead of wondering what they can do to help.       

With the strength of your own conviction and purpose, together with the help of everyone who is caring for you, you will get back to where you once belonged and continue your path to health and healing.  It will take time and it will entail suffering, but stay strong, stay focused and you will get there.