Finding out that you have cancer will be one of the darkest and lowest points in your life. It may be the end of a road, but it’s not the end of the line.  Give yourself a certain amount of time (I gave myself 72 hours) to cry, to grieve, and to be a complete victim.  Ask yourself every question that can think of as to why you have been stricken with this awful disease.  After that period of time has expired, don’t look back.  Focus all of your strength on living in the present and bringing your own health and healing to fruition. 

There is a tendency to want to approach the news of a cancer diagnosis by going online to research your situation.  The problem with that approach is that none of the research that you will review takes into account who you are and what makes you unique.  My advice is to stay away from the Internet as a source of general information about your specific medical condition or what you can expect to happen to you. Too often, instead of making you feel better by answering your questions, Internet research is so broad and voluminous that it exacerbates your fears and anxieties.  Your medical team can provide you with whatever you need to know about your specific diagnosis and course of treatment.  Place your loyalty and trust in them.  

Instead of surfing the web for information, I also suggest that you find a mentor who has actually had your type of cancer and can answer some of your specific questions based on personal knowledge. There are numerous organizations that provide “peer to peer” support programs where you can communicate with someone who has experienced a similar disease or diagnosis. While everyone’s’ response to treatment is different, sharing your experience with someone who has walked a mile in shoes similar to yours is an invaluable opportunity to obtain information and insight into your situation.

Above all, remember that the same cancer experience that threatens your life can be the source for your recovery and healing.  Everything that will happen to you in your treatment will come in its own time. Rather than trying to predict what you cannot control, think about everything that defines who you are without cancer. This is what makes you the unique person that you are and separates you from everyone else.  Ultimately, the key to your health and healing lies within you, your heart and your soul.